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Care Plan

Care Plans are an effective tool established to help resolve any identified medication or therapy concerns and to track therapy outcomes. Care plans consist of the patient's information, identified problems, goals, interventions and outcomes. We will work closely with your prescriber to address any concerns involved in your care.

  • Medication Allergies and Adverse Drug Reactions

    Patients experiencing medication allergies, adverse drug reactions, acute medical symptoms or other problems should contact their primary care provider (PCP), or in the event of a medical emergency dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room. Please notify a team member if you experienced, or believe to have had, any medication allergies or adverse drug reactions.

  • Medications Not Available at Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy

    If you cannot obtain a medication at Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy, our specialty pharmacy staff will work with you and another pharmacy to ensure you receive your prescribed medication. If you want your prescription transferred to another pharmacy, please contact us and we will transfer the prescription on your behalf.

  • Returned Goods Policy

    In accordance with applicable Federal and State Law and current best practices, once a medication leaves the control of Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy we are unable to return the medication to our inventory and issue a refund. Medications will be shipped only after we verify that it is still an active order. Please notify us immediately if there are any changes to your medication therapy.

  • Medication Substitution Protocols

    Whenever possible, Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy will substitute a lower-cost generic medication for a brand-name medication unless you or your prescriber has asked for a specific brand-name drug. This may occur for new prescriptions, refills, or prescription transfers.

  • Medication Order Status and Delays

    You can call Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy at any time regarding the status of your prescription. If your medication is delayed, a team member will call you to provide assistance.

  • Prescription Drug Recalls and Market Withdrawals

    Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy follows the drug recall guidelines set forth by the FDA, drug manufacturers, drug distributors, and/or state and federal regulatory agencies. A team member will contact you and your prescriber in the event of an FDA Class I recall at the consumer level.

  • Regulatory Changes

    If state or federal regulations change the way we provide your care, Ganse Apothecary Specialty Pharmacy will notify you of the change(s) and any impact to the services you receive.

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